Conference contributions

The PHOTONFOOD consortium aims to connect with peers and disseminate its results at various conferences. Find an overview of past events below.

BioSpec Summer School 2024

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Norwegian Electro-Optics meeting

This week, the Norwegian Electro-Optic meeting takes place. In the session “Photonics for Spectroscopy”, Maren Anna Brandsrud, Mehmet Can Erdem...

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SPIE Photonics Europe 2024

Antoni Femenias Llaneras and Nicolas Schäfer showcased the latest innovations in infrared-based spectrometers by the PHOTONFOOD project. The PHOTONFOOD project...

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Europt(r)ode stands as a premier global conference series, dedicated to exploring every facet of optical chemical sensors and biosensors, encompassing...

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Pittcon 2024

Antoni Femenias Llaneras gave two oral presentations, focusing on advancing infrared spectroscopy for food quality and safety as part of...

Read More24 February 2024

14th World Mycotoxin Forum

The 2023 World Mycotoxin Forum took place in Antwerp, Belgium, from October 9th to 11th, drawing over 400 experts and...

Read More9 October 2023

Gordon Research Conference Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins

Dr. Gert Salentijn from Wageningen University & Research gave an oral presentation entitled Sample-to-Solution Approaches for Natural Toxin Analysis at...

Read More26 June 2023

Green Data Lab

Miriam Aledda from NMBU gave an oral presentation at the Green Data Lab conference.

Read More19 June 2023

International Chemometric School

Miriam Aledda from NMBU gave a poster presentation entitled Data modelling of sparse infrared data.

Read More18 June 2023

44th Mycotoxin Workshop

Dr. Stephan Freitag from BOKU gave an oral presentation at the Mycotoxin Workshop in Celle.

Read More4 June 2023

Food4Future Bilbao Footech World Summit

Alejandro Rosales and José Ortega from IRIS participated to the Food4Future Bilbao Footech World Summit.

Read More18 May 2023

World Nutrition Forum 2023

Prof. Rudolf Krska from BOKU gave an oral presentation at the World Nutrition Forum in Cancun.

Read More8 May 2023

CLEO 2023

Nicolas Schäfer from NANOPLUS gave an oral presentation on the LED developments of the PHOTONFOOD project.

Read More7 May 2023

Early Career Scientists Event 2023 – “Food contaminants: emerging challenges between safety and sustainability.”

ILSI Europe, in partnership with Wageningen University and with the support of the European Parliament, is hosting an in-person seminar...

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Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023

Boris Zimmermann from NMBU gave an oral presentation at the Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting.

Read More27 April 2023

Rapid Methods Europe 2022

Advanced Photonics for Food Safety and Quality Testing

Read More3 October 2022

3rd International Plant Spectroscopy Conference

Miriam won a second prize at IPSC!

Miriam Aledda from NBMU participated in the poster flash presentations of IPSC2022.

Read More12 September 2022

Recent advances in food analysis 2022

First results of the project and the PHOTONFOOD technology were presented at RAFA 2022.

Read More6 September 2022

XVIII conference on Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry

Valeria Tafintseva presenting PHOTONFOOD.

Valeria Tafintseva from NMBU’s Biospec Norway team attended CAC to meet fellow scientists in the field of chemometrics.

Read More29 August 2022

mirsens 5

At mir5ens, an international workshop focused on opportunities and challenges in mid-infrared laser-based gas sensing, Nicolas Schäfer (NP) represented the...

Read More4 July 2022

12th International Conference on clinical spectroscopy

Valeria, Miriam and Nageshvar standing together.

At SPEC2022, NMBU members presented in two different areas.

Read More19 June 2022

7th International Scientific Meeting: „Mycology, Mycotoxicology, and Mycoses”

Prof. Rudolf Krska from BOKU gave a virtual oral presentation.

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Prof. Boris Mizaikoff (University of Ulm) gave a presentation on the PHOTONFOOD advances to an international audience of spectroscopy experts.

Read More30 May 2022

World Mycotoxin Forum 2022

The potential of infrared spectroscopy for rapid mycotoxin screening.

Read More16 May 2022

EuroFAST 2022

Several PHOTONFOOD partners will present their research at the analytical conference EuroFAST.

Read More19 April 2022

SPIE Photonics Europe

Scientist from the ECREAM cluster presented their projects and current research at a joint booth.

Read More3 April 2022


Prof. Boris Mizaikoff presents the flexible mid-infrared photonics solutions for rapid sensing of food contaminants.

Read More22 March 2022

5. Linzer Kontaminantentagung

Stephan Freitag (BOKU) represented PHOTONFOOD with a presentation on mycotoxin analysis in wheat.

Read More7 December 2021

China-Austria International Symposium on Grain Security

Stephan Freitag (BOKU) presented on "Rapid determination of mycotoxin contamination in grain samples using infrared spectroscopy".

Read More21 November 2021

Hungalimentaria 2021

NEBIH logo

The team from nébih visited the Hungalimentaria 2021 to present the PHOTONFOOD stakeholder requirements survey.

Read More10 November 2021

Recent advances in food analysis 2021

Prof. Rudolf Krska from BOKU presented at RAFA2021.

Read More3 November 2021


At the SMART TECH for FOOD conference 2020, Achim Kohler from NMBU introduced the project.

Read More25 November 2020