PHOTONFOOD publications

The PHOTONFOOD consortium is dedicated to Open Science principles and publishes its results in peer-reviewed, open access journals. An overview of all publications up to date can be found below.


  • Fomina, P., Femenias,  A., Tafintseva, V., Freitag,  S., Sulyok,  M., Aledda, M., Kohler,  A., Krska, R., and Mizaikoff, B. (2024) Prediction of Deoxynivalenol Contamination in Wheat via Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy and Multivariate Data Analysis. ACS Food Sci. Technol., Article ASAP. DOI:

  • Bosman, A.J., Freitag, S., Ross, G.M.S., Sulyok, M., Krska, R., Ruggeri, F.S., and Salentijn, G.IJ. (2024) Interconnectable 3D-printed sample processing modules for portable mycotoxin screening of intact wheat. Analytica Chimica Acta, 1285, 342000. DOI:


  • Femenias, A., Fomina, P., Tafintseva, V., Freitag, S., Shapaval, V., Sulyok, M., Zimmermann, B., Marín, S., Krska, R., Kohler, A., and Mizaikoff, B. (2023) Optimizing extraction solvents for deoxynivalenol analysis in maize via infrared attenuated total reflection spectroscopy and chemometric methods. Analytical Methods, 15(1), pp.36-47. DOI:
  • Ross, G.M.S., Zhao, Y., Bosman, A.J., Geballa-Koukoula, A., Zhou, H., Elliott, C.T., Nielen, M.W.F., Rafferty, K., and Salentijn, G.IJ. (2023) Best practices and current implementation of emerging smartphone-based (bio)sensors – Part 1: Data handling and ethics. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 158, 116863, ISSN 0165-9936. DOI:
  • Schäfer, N., Scheuermann,  J., Weih, R., Koeth, J., and Höfling, S. (2023) Interband Cascade Light Emitting Diodes Centered at 5.8 μm for on-site Detection of Food Contaminants. CLEO: Applications and Technology 2023 – Technical Digest Series, ATu3H.7. DOI:
  • Geballa-Koukoula, A., Ross, G.M.S., Bosman, A.J., Zhao, Y., Zhou, H., Nielen, M.W.F., Rafferty, K., Elliott, C.T., and Salentijn, G.IJ. (2023) Best practices and current implementation of emerging smartphone-based (bio)sensors – Part 2: Development, validation, and social impact. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 161, 116986, ISSN 0165-9936. DOI:
  • Hlavatsch, M., Hab,  N., Schäfer, N., Weih,  R., Koeth, J., and Mizaikoff, B. (2023) Towards miniaturized gas sensors based on substrate-integrated hollow waveguides and interband cascade light emitting diodes. Sensors & Diagnostics, 2. DOI:
  • Aledda, M.Kohler, A.Zimmermann, B.Patel, N.Shapaval, V., and Tafintseva, V. (2023) Sparse wavelengths data in mid-infrared spectroscopy: Modelling approaches and channel sampling. Journal of Biophotonics, e202300049. DOI:
  • Fomina, P., Femenias, A., Hlavatsch, M., Scheuermann, J., Schäfer, N., Freitag, S., Patel, N., Kohler, A., Krska, R., Koeth, J., and Mizaikoff, B. (2023) A Portable Infrared Attenuated Total Reflection Spectrometer for Food Analysis. Applied Spectroscopy, 77(9). DOI:
  • Fomina, P., Proskurnin,  M.A., Mizaikoff, B., and Volkov, D.S. (2023) Infrared Spectroscopy in Aqueous Solutions: Capabilities and Challenges. Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, 53(8). DOI:
  • Csenki, E., Mikulás, V., Freitag, S., Fomina, P., Hlavatsch, M., Femenias,  A., Bosman, A.J., Ruggeri,  F.S., Smirnova, M., Salentijn, G., Mizaikoff, B., Krska, R., Scholderer, J., Kohler, A., and Kasza, G. (2023) Stakeholder assessment for mycotoxin analysis: exploring the demand along the European food supply chain. World Mycotoxin Journal. DOI: HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.1163/18750796-20232883


  • Freitag, S., Sulyok, M., Logan, N., Elliott, C. T. and Krska, R. (2022) The potential and applicability of infrared spectroscopic methods for the rapid screening and routine analysis of mycotoxins in food crops. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 21, 5199–5224. DOI: HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.1111/1541-4337.13054
  • Hlavatsch, M., Haas,  J., Stach, R., Kokoric, V.,  Teuber, A., Dinc, M., and Mizaikoff, B. (2022) Infrared Spectroscopy–Quo Vadis? Applied Sciences, 12(15). DOI: