WMF 2022: The potential of infrared spectroscopy for rapid mycotoxin screening

On 16-18 May, over 400 international visitors attended the World Mycotoxin Forum (WMF) in Parma, Italy. Prof. Rudolf Krska, co-chair of the conference, Michael Sulyok and Stephan Freitag from BOKU represented the PHOTONFOOD project and its progress towards mycotoxin screenings from farm to fork.

The WMF is an important event for the mycotoxin community, and it has been refreshing to meet fellow scientist and representatives from the industry in person. Stephan presented The potential of infrared spectroscopy for rapid mycotoxin screening, introducing the audience to the research done by BOKU and the relevance for PHOTONFOOD. Meeting potential users of the PHOTONFOOD prototype was another beneficial aspect of the conference.

At the conference’s closing, Prof. Rudolf Krska and his co-chair Prof. Chris Elliott concluded: “The nexus between food safety and food insecurity caused by mycotoxins must become part of the discussions that deal with the global food crisis!” The PHOTONFOOD consortium will continue working towards saving food through early detection of contaminants.

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By Stephan Freitag, BOKU

Stephan Freitag from BOKU at WMF 2022
WMF 2022 auditory