The PHOTONFOOD project at the World Mycotoxin Forum 2023

The World Mycotoxin Forum 2023 was held from the 9th to the 11th of October in Antwerp, Belgium. Among this gathering of more than 400 experts and researchers the PHOTONFOOD project had a strong presence with multiple contributions.

Prof. Rudolf Krska, a prominent figure in the field of mycotoxin research and part of the project, delivered a keynote speech, as one of the general conference chairs, raising the question “Is there toxin free food?”. Stephan Freitag talked about the environmental impact of mycotoxin analysis, highlighting that routine as well as novel analytical methods should be evaluated regarding their greenness using available metrics. In addition, he also presented a poster on the results obtained by the 3D-printed prototype for sample handling. More details on the PHOTONFOOD HIFI and MIFI prototypes were shown by Polina Fomina and Antoni Femenias during the poster sessions. The last day of the conference was kicked-off by Prof. Boris Mizaikoff challenging the audience with his talk titled “Infrared spectroscopy in food analysis: Hype or hope?” The lecture provided insights into the photonic developments within the project. Later that day, Volha Akulava also presented the results of the pioneering research done within PHOTONFOOD on the presence of contaminants in the aquaponic system.