Shining a light on your food: Lasers and LEDs to detect food contaminations

nanoplus is developing two types of mid-infrared light sources for the PHOTONFOOD project: High brightness laser-based light sources for a shoe-box-size analyser with high sensitivity as well as small and compact LED type light sources. The latter will be used within small handheld detectors. Both light sources will be emitting in the 1500-1800 cm-1 wavenumber range, enabling detection of fungal or mycotoxin contamination during the supply chain of crops, nuts, and dried fruit.

light sources nanoplus

The starting point was the simulation and growth of interband cascade material targeting the wavenumber range of interest. We subsequently analysed, processed, and tested multiple batches to identify the most promising candidate.

light sources nanoplus

nanoplus successfully fabricated first LED devices in the < 1800 cm-1 region and delivered these to the project partners UULM and HS for preliminary measurements. In cooperation with UULM and HS, we are investigating the device performance and are working on further optimisation concerning emission power, emission bandwidth and device efficiency.