Possible contaminations in aquaponic systems – join our stakeholder survey

The EU-funded research project PHOTONFOOD aims to develop devices for on-site detection of contaminations based on the users’ needs. The novel photonic solutions set up as a result of the project will help to detect chemical and microbiological contamination throughout the food chain, from farm to table, thus reducing production losses and food waste.

During the technology development, we explore the stakeholder expectations for a novel method among aquaponic and hydroponic companies in the framework of an online questionnaire. The aim of this survey is to map the contamination (e.g., mycotoxins, fungi, pesticides, antibiotics) monitoring practices of aquaponic and hydroponic (vertical farming) companies, the weaknesses of the currently used methods, and the possibilities to improve their testing routine with the help of a novel technology.


We would be grateful if you could fill in or forward the survey link to the right person in your organisation. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. By participating, you will contribute to define the stakeholder requirements of aquaponic companies in connection with monitoring pollutants.

Participate in the survey now.

We will also be happy to provide the report including the results to you if you are interested.

If you would like further information regarding the project or the survey, you are welcome to contact Gyula Kasza ([email protected]).