PHOTONFOOD @EuroFAST 2022 – KNCV I.M. Kolthoff award for Gina Ross

After a long period of online meetings and conferences, finally an in-person analytical conference was once again held in Nijmegen, The Netherlands from 19-22 April 2022: EuroFAST 2022. Wageningen University (WU) & PHOTONFOOD were well represented, with presentations by Simone and Gina, a PHOTONFOOD poster by Anouk, and with Michel, Gina and Gert involved in the organization. Finally, Rudolf Krska (BOKU) presented on emerging global food security and food safety challenges and related analytical solutions during this conference and presented on the work and challenges within PHOTONFOOD as well.

The theme of this conference was very much related to the drivers of PHOTONFOOD; “societal challenges, analytical solutions”, with an entire day dedicated to food analysis. Moreover, on the 3rd day of the conference, Dr. Gina Ross received the I.M. Kolthoff award for best PhD thesis in analytical chemistry in the Netherlands and presented her H2020 FoodSmartphone work.

By Anouk Bosman and the Work Package 2 team, Wageningen University